El Condor Pasa (Simplified)

by 宗次郎 (Sojiro)

For Alto C Ocarina

Download "El Condor Pasa (Simplified)" Sheet Music

The original version of this song was by Daniel Alomía Robles and this song has been covered many times by many different artists. This version is by far my favourite version of this song and in my opinion is one of Sojiro's greatest performances.

This transcription has been simplified to fit in the range of an Alto C ocarina, by omitting part of the intro and transposing the middle part of the song down an octive. This is still a challenging song to play!

You can find a transcription of this song for Alto C, Soprano G and Soprano C ocarina here: El Confor Pasa

You can listen to the live performance which this was taken from here: Sojiro - El Condor Pasa

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