I wasn't originally going to post anything today, because nothing much has really happened. Last night there was a concert in the street outside my house, but I didn't go to it because I could hear it from inside the house and it was the same group as the previous night. School was pretty average today - I didn't do so well because I was tired from being kept up half the night by the concert. The only things that have been worth mentioning the past few days have been to do with eating and drinking!

Yesterday, for dinner, I went to my favourite bar in Toledo: Cafe Zocodover. This is a tiny little place on the high street, between the cathedral and the main square (Zocodover). I started going here because I only wanted a sandwich, and on the menu outside it advertises bocadillos (baguettes). This has turned out to be my favourite bar for the following reasons:

  • It serves my favourite Spanish beer: Mahou. Too many bars here serve Cruz Campo which I hate!
  • I like the food, and can find something small and cheap if I'm not hungry.
  • It's only €1,50 for a caña (small beer).
  • It's small and I can sit at the bar. I find that when I am eating on my own, it's best to sit outside or at the bar. Sitting inside at a table is not much fun.
  • It's always got quite a few people in it.
  • The pinchos (free little bits of food) are awesome.
  • The staff are friendly.
For those of you that don't know, it is quite common for bars in Spain to give you small portions of food (pinchos) for free when you are drinking. One of the things I like about this bar is that the pinchos are amazing! So far I have had: Crisps; Olives; Popcorn; Mashed potato on toast (seriously); A tiny toasted fried egg and jamon sandwich; Chorizo omelete on toast; Cake; Potato salad with an insane amount of garlic. This is pretty cool because the beer is cheap, and she normally gives me a pincho for each beer that I order.

Normally I don't really get a chance to speak to the woman behind the bar here because she is always insanely busy, but every time I came in after the first time she gave me a big smile and was obviously very pleased that I had come back. Yesterday there were less people so we chatted a bit at the end, and she complemented me on my Spanish which is always nice. Today when I went in I asked her what her name was, and it sounded like she said 'Marky', but I'm not 100% sure because this is not really possible in Spanish, but she is Japanese so you never know! I guess I'll find out for sure tomorrow...

The other place that I went to today was 'Restaurante Alex'. I have eaten in this place numerous times before, and I have always liked it here, especially because the waiter, Roberto, is friendly and helps me with my Spanish. Today I ordered 'perdiz' which is partridge, and it was definitely the best thing I have eaten in any restaurant since I have been here. The meat was really rich, and it was served with wedges, mushrooms, peppers and asparagus. It was lovely to have a few vegetables on my plate for a change! When I left I told Roberto that I was leaving in a few days, and that I didn't think I would return there. We shook hands and he wished me luck for the future.

EDIT: The barmaid's name (in Cafe Zocodover) is spelt 'Maki', or more precisely: