After the last day of school, I came home and ate, and told Charo about my plans for the next day. I told Charo that I would need to get to the train station at about 1:00, and she told me that she could give me a lift to the station. She asked if I had a ticket and I told her that I didn't, so she recommended that I walk down to the train station to buy a ticket, as they could be sold out the next day. I followed her advice and walked down to the train station. It took me about 20 minutes in each direction, and it was very hot, but I enjoyed it as I knew I wouldn't be experiencing that kind of sun again for a long time!

In the evening I went for a walk in the valley, and then stopped at Cafe Zocodover for dinner. When I got there the place was deserted - I was the only customer in the whole bar. This felt really weird because the bar is normally packed! As there was nobody there, I had a chance to have a good chat with Maki for a while, before people eventually started coming in.

The same group of people came in that I had spoken to a few days before, so I chatted to them for a while and had a few beers, and then they left and said goodbye. Before I left I chatted to the owners for a while, and told them that it was my favourite bar because they have 'super-camarera' (super-barmaid). I think this made Maki happy. As I left they all wished me 'buen viaje' (bon voyage) and gave me business cards with their email addresses.

The next day I didn't really do a lot. I ate a light breakfast, packed my things, showered and sent a few emails. Then at 12:30 Charo told me that Miguel was waiting outside to take me to the station. I said goodbye to Charo and told her that I would miss living there, and that her house felt like my home. She gave me a bocadillo (sandwich) for the journey and I met Miguel outside.

When I arrived at the station, I said goodbye to Miguel and Paula, and made Paula give me a kiss on the cheek. I told her I would miss her and she said 'me too', but I don't think it will be long before she fogets that I ever existed!

Thankfully the journey home was uneventful - but it was a long journey. I had to take a train, then a bus, then a plane, and then a car ride home. I landed in England at about 8:30 Spanish time, and my girlfriend picked me up at the airport. At first I didn't feel particularly pleased to be back in England, but when I saw her car pulling up in the car park I was suddenly very excited and pleased to see her again.