Last night I met outside the roman baths in Toledo for a tour. Lots of people from the school were there - Ahmed was there, and some others from the other class. The tour took us to some old Arabic baths and a church which used to be mosque. The last baths that we visited were in ruins on the edge of the city, and there was a lovely view across the river and of the mountains. I couldn't really understand much of what was said on the tour because there was too much information and it was spoken too quickly.

Ahmed left the tour half way through as he was bored, and afterwards Veronica and Martina asked me if I wanted to join them for dinner at Al Trebol. Veronica is German, and Martina is French, but has lived in Italy for 30 years - both of them have children the same age as me. In the restaurant I had a 'bomba' which is a tapa that was recommended to me by Maite. It was a stuffed potato, with minced beef and garlic and tomato sauce and was very nice! After eating we moved on to another bar for a few more drinks. We sat outside the bar, and there was a machine that sprayed us with a fine mist of water every few minutes which was amazing as it was still hot even at 11pm.

We spoke in Spanish the whole time (at least our version of Spanish!) and at one point an American couple asked me to take a picture of them. They didn't realise I was English and asked me in Spanish and seemed surprised that I was English. I may be able to fool an American tourist but I think I am a long way off fooling the natives!

The American couple told me they were on their honeymoon and I took a few pictures of them. Soon afterwards I returned to the house as it was past midnight.

Miguel was back in the house (the father of the house) after a business trip to the Basque country. I spoke a few words with him but he seemed to be working on something on his laptop and I didn't really want to disturb him.

Today when I got to class me and Cristina were predicting that Ahmed wouldn't turn up again. In the end he turned up half an hour late. We ended up going over some of the stuff from the previous lesson again but it was ok because it's good to revise stuff a little bit. We also talked about stereo types for people in different countries, and I spent a while trying to explain to Cristina what a chav is!

When I got back to the house I had spinach in Bechamel sauce, followed by grilled chicken and bread, then watermelon. Now it's time for a siesta!