I didn't bother to post anything last month, as I don't have a huge amount to talk about any more. Things are going well and I am still enjoying my biphasic sleeping pattern. Let's have a look at my sleep charts for the past 2 months.

Here is the sleep chart for March:

March Sleep Chart

If you want to view this chart with all of the mouse over comments go here: March Sleep Chart.

In March I slept a little less than usual with an average of 6:42 hours per day, and for one week in the middle my average sleep per day dropped as low as 6:00 hours. I had 3 days where I missed my nap but overall it was pretty good.

In the first half of the month you can see a section where my naps suddenly became a lot longer. This was when I was in Spain visiting my dad: we go to the bar every day at lunch time when we are over there, and when I nap after a few beers I pass out for a lot longer!

Also on the 31st you can see a very long sleep on the chart. This sleep looks longer than it actually is due to the fact that the clocks went forward in the middle of the night, although I did sleep for 7:38 hours which is a lot for me (and I felt pretty rough when I woke up).

Here is the chart for April:

April Sleep Chart

If you want to view this chart with all of the mouse over comments go here: AprilSleep Chart.

Again things went pretty well in April and I only had 3 days where I didn't nap. The main thing you can see here is that I have started to nap a bit earlier in the day towards the end of the month. At work I had a conversation with my manager and he agreed that I could take 2 hours for lunch and leave an hour later to come home, which means that I now have enough time to quickly walk home, sleep for 1.5 hours and then return to work for the afternoon. So far these naps haven't been the best in the world, but the quality of my sleep is improving and it's great to not feel tired in the afternoon (especially when I have a boring meeting and everyone seems to be falling asleep!).

Towards the end of the month we went to visit some friends in Coventry so my sleep pattern shifted a bit later than normal. I was pretty tired in the evening but not too bad, and I managed to get my sleeping pattern back to normal without being totally sleep deprived like I would normally be on my old sleeping pattern. I still managed a lay in before work on Monday but sleeping in for 2 hours only means I need to stay in bed until 6:30am which is still pretty early for work.

The following is a graph of my hours of sleep each day for the entire month:


The grey dots represent the number of hours I slept in each 24 hour period, and the blue line is a 7 day rolling average. As you can see, I slept more than usual at the start of March while I was in Spain, then a lot less than usual when I got back (6 hours per day for a week or 2) and then it went back up to my more usual 7 hours per day. I really don't have any idea why my need for sleep varies so much!

Overall things are going well at the moment. The biggest thing to affect my sleep quality has been getting new neighbours. I knew the old ones were a bit loud as sometimes I would hear their tv very loud, but what I didn't realise is that they were very noisy when just moving around the house. I used to constantly hear them slamming around, running up and down the stairs and walking from one end of the house to the other slamming each door behind them.

At the time I just put it down to the walls being thin, but then when my new neighbours moved in I realised they were just really noisy people! It took me a couple of weeks to even be sure that anyone was living next door after they moved in, and I was only 100% sure when I heard them hoovering a couple of times. One time they woke me up from a nap with the hoover, but instead of being angry it didn't even bother me. It's amazing ow much difference it makes to your life to not constantly hear people through the walls...