Today was the first day of school. I slept like a log last night, but I didn't really have much of an appetite in the morning. I had a coffee and a couple of (very small) bits of toast and went to find the school.

I left plenty of time in case I couldn't find it, but it was much easier this time. As I got there very early I wandered around a bit beforehand, and went in about 5 minutes early.

Class was actually really good - the profesora who took our class was really good (and pretty!) and there was only one other student in the class which was great. The other student is called Ahmed and is from Lebanon. He is leaving in a week so I don't know who will be in my class then!

After class I came home to eat. Eating is the most difficult part at the moment because the meal times are very different. In the morning we have breakfast at 9:00. I wasn't really hungry at all but that's just as well because breakfast is light! Just a few small bits of bread and some coffee and juice.

Half way through class (at 12:00) we have a break and everyone went to a bar. Some people ate their second breakfast but I had no appetite and just had a coffee.

Class ended at 2:30 so it was about 3:00 by the time I had lunch and it was very heavy - I am so full now! We had a rich chicken soup with noodles to start, then some meat and fish and bread, then some custard things for desert (called 'natillas'). I keep having to say "solo un poquito" - just a little bit. I laid down for half an hour after lunch to let my stomach digest the food.

Everyone is meeting up at the school at 5:00 for something so I am going to go and see what they're up to. They said something about dinner, but Spanish people normally eat around 9:00pm so I doubt they will go straight away. If they do I think I will have to leave because I don't think I will be ready to eat anything for about a month!