When we met up at the school, it was actually a tour of the city by the director of the school, Maite. It was just me Ahmed and Maite, but it was quite interesting. Maite explained some of the history of Toledo which was very interesting, and showed us some monuments, bars and restaurants. She explained everything in Spanish and I understood most of it!

Afterwards I went to dinner with Ahmed. He seemed ok - but we quickly reverted back to English so I will try and avoid spending too much time with him in the future. He told me how he drives around with a machine gun in his car in Lebanon and that his dad has a bazooka! He said it is normal in Lebanon - but he finds it a bit strange as he lived in Paris for his early life.

I had a few beers and Ahmed said he wanted to try something different, so he had a Gin and tonic. You have to remember that the Spanish measures are very big and he is only 16. Afterwards he couldn't walk in a straight line.

After a few drinks it was still too early to eat so we went to the Alcázar. This was a large building that was built by the Moors when they controlled Spain. It has since been destroyed and rebuilt, and now has a library in it. We went to the library just to see the view out of the window, as it is very tall. You could see a long way, especially considering Toledo is on top of a mountain!

I also got a phone call from Dad and he is coming to visit me on 12th which I am looking forward to.

When I got back to the house, I saw the eldest son (Oliver - pronounced Oliber) from the familly walking his dog so I walked around with him for a bit and chatted in Spanish. Then when I got back I talked to Charo (the mum) for a while. She said that she couldn't believe how much my Spanish had improved in 1 day - but I think I am just less tired and have got a bit more confident. It is still difficult for me! At the moment I am trying to learn some useful words like fork (tenedor) and knife and spoon which I forgot already! And a tap is a grifo.

Going to bed now - I'm tired.