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Posted Saturday 22 December 2012 06:21 by Steve in Sleep

One of the weird benefits of my new sleeping pattern is that I have been remembering a lot more dreams than I used to. When I was sleeping monophasically, I would probably remember an average of 1-2 dreams each month, which is obviously not a lot. Now that I am napping, I have been remembering about 3-5 dreams a week which is a massive increase.

About 6 years ago when I was at university I got into lucid dreaming for a while. In order to do this I kept a dream journal to improve my dream recall, and at one point I was often remembering more than 1 dream each day. The problem with keeping a dream journal is that you really need to record your dreams immediately after waking up, and I would often wake up early in the morning and have to record my dreams, and afterwards I would not be able to fall back to sleep. At the time this was incompatible with my lifestyle so I gave it up after a few months, but now that I am intentionally getting up early and having naps, it seems like the perfect time to get back into this.

I think one of the reasons that I have remembered so many dreams is that I started writing them on my sleep chart, but I have decided that I don't want to clutter up the comments there with long, rambling descriptions of my dreams, so I will try to just write a single sentence about them on my sleep chart and write more detail in my dream journal. A few times I have also been remembering my dreams upon waking, and eventually thought to myself "This is too complicated to write on my sleep chart", which leads to me forgetting about the dream.

A few days ago I started my dream journal, and I have already remembered 3 dreams which is a really good start. I will keep this up for a while, and hopefully I can get some lucid dreams at some point.

If you are curious to try lucid dreaming yourself or read up about it, I would suggest having a look at this site: LD4all. They have some good beginners guides and an excellent forum.

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2am is too Early!

Posted Tuesday 18 December 2012 02:53 by Steve in Sleep

Click here to view today’s sleep log

Yesterday was my work's Christmas Lunch, so we all went out for a massive meal at lunch time and a few beers. When I got home from work at 4pm I napped like I normally do (I'm biphasic), but I didn't get hungry in the evening until late. I ate a salad with some tinned fish, and then a couple of biscuits at 10:00pm, and went to sleep at 11:15pm.

This morning I naturally woke up at 2:00am and I feel wide awake. I feel more alert now than I normally do at 5:00am when I wake up!

I am up now, and I am sitting in the dark with the brightness all the way down on my monitor and the colours set to orange using a program called f.lux, and I'm not sure what I will do for the rest of the night. I am feeling slightly more sleepy now so I may go back to bed in a while and simply turn off my alarm and sleep as long as my body wants to.

I think a lot of people would just lay in bed for hours thinking they have some kind of sleep disorder!

I have cross posted this with the Polyphasic Society forums.

Edit:I tried going back to sleep at 3:30 to see if I could, but I was still wide awake after laying there for an hour, so I decided to get up and have breakfast!

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Changes to my Schedule

Posted Saturday 15 December 2012 05:44 by Steve in Sleep

This is just a quick update to talk about some changes to my schedule.

Somehow, my schedule has moved back a bit and I am now getting up at 5:00am each day! I'm not really sure how it happened, but it was an accident. Quite a few times I went to bed early and woke up naturally at 4:30am, but I think this is really too early so I settled on 5:00, and since I have done that I have not overslept once. Even this morning when I forgot to set an alarm, I woke up naturally at 5:05.

The other thing to report is that I think I have found the correct lengths of time for my sleeps. At the moment I am generally sleeping 1 - 2 hours for my nap, and 5 - 6 hours for my core. I think I generally need 7.5 hours total sleep in a 24 hour period, and a nap of 2 hours with a 5.5 hour core seems to be ideal.

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Biphasic Sleep - November

Posted Saturday 01 December 2012 15:04 by Steve in Sleep

November marks the end of my third month of biphasic sleep: I have been sleeping like this for 91 days now. I am pretty sure that I am going to try to stick to this sleeping pattern as I really like it, and I'm pretty sure that I am adapted now. Before I call my self 100% adapted I want to just see how I manage over the Christmas period.

During November I slept217:54 hours in total, which is an average of7:15 per day. Looking back over my sleep chart I can see that I am sleeping more this month than previously (I slept 6:53 each day in September and6:49 each day in October). I think this is at least partly to do with the fact that I am currently fitting a new bathroom, and I am not used to physical work so this is tiring me out each day. I am also not keeping to my original schedule so religiously, and am going to bed earlier when I feel tired.

I have posted my sleep chart for the whole of November below. If you want to view the website version with the mouse-over comments, go here: November Sleep Chart.

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3 Months of Recording my Sleep

Posted Saturday 10 November 2012 00:13 by Steve in Sleep

I have been recording my sleeps for exactly 3 months now - that's a quarter of a year already! I have created a full version of my sleep log and posted it below.

You can really see how my sleeping pattern has been evolving. First I have a couple of days of a normal, monophasic sleeping pattern, and then I go off to Spain for a few days and take a siesta each day. After that you can see my crazy Everyman sleep schedule for a couple of weeks, and everything after that is biphasic. It's interesting to see how chaotic my sleeping pattern was when I started napping (around 2nd September) and then how it stabilised around the beginning of October.

If you want to view the comments that I wrote on every sleep in the chart, go here: Sleep Chart.

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