September 21st, 2009 .

When I got home from work today I found Victoria in the garden again. I walked up to the patio doors and she spotted me straight away before I opened them and I’m sure she knew that she was in trouble. She started pacing very quickly from side to side and trying to hide arond the back of the coop – she wouldn’t ever do this if she was inside the run. I think she knows that she is not allowed to be on my side of the fence as she behaves completely differently.

After a few minutes of chasing her around the garden I managed to get a hold of her and put her back in the run. I sat down down to feed the chickens some mixed corn and for the first time ever Victoria jumped up on my lap! This is pretty good considering how nervous she is. The others have always been pretty tame but Victoria has only been eating from my hand for a few weeks.


May 6th, 2009 .

Today I did a bit of gardening after work, and ended up hanging around with the chickens for a while afterwards. The brown one kept trying to jump up to get the tub of meal worms I had in my hand so I put my arm out for her…

My chicken has a new feeding spot

My chicken has a new feeding spot