1 Day to go

April 7th, 2009 .

Its only 1 day before the chickens arrive now – I’m getting pretty excited and a little bit nervous!

Originally I was going to get the chickens on good Friday, but I have decided to bring it forward a couple of days for a number of reasons.  Firstly, I was hoping to get Yu Lee’s family to take me to get the chickens when they come down at Easter weekend, but I don’t think they want to come on Friday any more.  Also, I have booked the day off of work tomorrow to get the chicken coop delivered so I might as well go and get them after it arrives and make the most of my day off.  My mum seemed pleased that I am getting them before the weekend – she wants to meet them!

Originally I was going to get Nick to take me to pick up the chickens (he is the guy that helped us to move house), but I rang him today to confirm and he said that he has taken another job on Wednesday and can’t make it.  He has put me in touch with someone he knows who has agreed to take me to pick up the chickens for £15.

The coop and run are due to arrive before 12:00 tomorrow, so I have arranged to be picked up at 12:15.  Hopefully the chicken coop will arrive early so I have plenty of time to put everything in place and decide how many chickens it will realistically house.  I would really like to get 3 chickens but if it seems to be too small I will only be getting 2.

Now I just need to get some boxes sorted out to transport them in and wait until tomorrow.  I have a feeling I won’t be getting a lot of sleep tonight!

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