Built a Fence

April 5th, 2009 .
My New Fence

My New Fence

In preparation for my chickens I spent a couple of hours on Friday evening and Saturday morning building a new fence for my garden.  I bought a couple of rolls of weldmesh and some staples for under £50 and managed to fence off the whole of the garden.  Now I should be able to let the chickens out when they come without too much fear of them disappearing into the neighbours garden!

I have added a picture but try not to look too closely – it’s not the prettiest fence in the world!  Still it is the first time I have built anything like this so I am happy with it.  Also, I have never worked with weldmesh before so this is good practice for future extensions to my chicken run.  One thing I have learnt – weldmesh is bloodthirsty!  I came out of this bleeding from several places on my hands!

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