Clean Out

May 15th, 2009 .

Today I got home from work early and decided to give the chicken run a bit of a clean out. It was starting to get a bit smelly and after cleaning it out I can see why! I must have removed about a bucket full of chicken poo off of the floor. Considering the size of chicken droppings that is quite a lot!

I had to move the run out of the way to clean it properly which was a bit of a pain – it is very difficult to move it by yourself without breaking it. Before moving it I had to crawl in and pull out the pieces of wood that I put in there for the girls to climb on. When I was inside there the smell was terrible! Once I had got the coop out of the way I raked up all of the poo and attempted to fork the ground over a bit but the ground was pretty hard so I gave up on that one pretty quickly. I did manage to turn over some of the ground so hopefully the girls will enjoy dust-bathing in the loose earth.

One Response to “Clean Out”

  1. Steves Mum says:

    Ooh nice! I remember how bad chicken poo smells.

    I have noticed on you recent photoes that the patch of lawn which the chicken run was first on has really recovered well.